Digital Design

The following include designs for digital displays on large screen display monitors, Zoom introduction screens and backgrounds, and graphics implemented into website designs. Some of the following were used for both print and digital purposes. The top 16::9 digital display posters were illustrated by Gina Franzetta. The photography and and logos were supplied by the MIT Department of Science and Engineering, and by the visiting faculty to MIT.

Parametric Design

The following projects include selections exploring the phenomenon of 11:11. 11:11 contains a metaphysical principals of synchronicity and a mathematical phenomenon of doubling and folding within itself. What did unlocking this experiment with the math and metaphysics marvel yield? As it turns out, when exercised visually using a series of for-loops and other methods in Java, the mythical number takes one on a deep dive journey inside of a D.C. Comic strip. Read more about this project.

Created in Java

16::9 Digital Displays

The following digital displays appeared throughout all of the MIT campus. For the poster “Growing Model Catalysts through the Tailored Design of Shaped Bimetallics Nanoparticles”, left photo credits to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering; right image credits to Michelle Personick. Image credits to posters “Sensing Human Behavior with Smart Garments” illustration and design by Gina Franzetta. Photography for “MRL IAP: FT-IR Sampling Capillaries in MRL” by Gina Franzetta.

Photography (left) is property of MIT DMSE; (right) property of Michelle Personick.
Photo by Gina Franzetta.
Background illustrated by Gina Franzetta in Illustrator.

Website Graphics

Visit to view the banner above on the Harvard Teamcore Laboratory website. The redesign project of this website continues, including the the layout and graphics as well as the creation of taxonomy/vocabularies, continues, but transformed significantly. This project commenced after the redesign of the Harvard CRCS website in 2021. Please note that this designer no longer manages the the CRCS website and some changes may have occurred.

Created in Illustrator.