Parametric Design & Other Illustrations

Parametric Design

The Octopus

This design followed the process of disassembling + recompositioning the United States Constitution’s First Amendment through the lens of “electrAcity”, a theory by Greg Ulmer that proclaims is the next phase of human consciousness in digital age and “is to digital media what literacy is to print”. Consciousness in the digital age Ulmer believes presides external to the human body and confers the communicative abilities to express compound messaging. Employing the application of this theory to the deconstruction/recomposition of the First Amendment, electracity manifests through the metaphor of an octopus, where the process assumes the behaviors and motives of an octopus while exploring online and social media to aggregate polarized perspectives of the contemporary American political culture and meshing these perspectives into the main canvas that, under the deconstruction through time, holds the nebulous comprehension of the First Amendment. View the Octopus process in action YouTube. Also, read more about this project from the perspective of implementing the CATTts process.

Created in Photoshop and Illustrator
Original size: 8 x 8 (It is, after all, an octopus.)


If you’ve visited my Digital Design page, you may notice that I am double-dipping in my designs and illustrations. However, the confluence of categories on this selection warranted a second mention. Visit 11:11 to view more iterations and to read more about the project.

Other Illustrations

The following illustrations include amorphous shapes and representational designs illustrated both digitally and by hand. Most illustrations were created using Adobe Illustrator. The pattern shown below was created by hand using a homemade stencil.

FAB Puzzle

This illustration served to represent the colloidal particles coalescing to form the name of the organization, the Foundry for Advanced Bioengineering, or FAB. The name fits into a jigsaw puzzle to represent the various components of a complicated network of interdisciplinarian research performed at nationwide locations fitting together into a complete conglomerate.

Created in Illustrator.


Created in Illustrator
11 x 17 inches



This design and illustration were implemented into the background of a poster to represent the “layer-by-layer” process. The final poster that employed this image is no longer available.

Created in Illustrator.


PatternThis pattern was created by extrapolating a shape developed using mixed media skewed in a photo scanner. After a shape was selected from the outcome in admiration of its arabesque, bird-like form, a stencil was created. Using the stencil, the corners conjoined, forming a new, triangular shape that repeated into a fluid, wavelength pattern. This design is currently being redrawn into Illustrator to serve as a clothing pattern. Stay tuned for images on this design printed on clothing.

Created with marker on bristle using a hand-carved stencil.